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Things People Say When They Need Opiate Addiction Treatment

Although not all opiate addictions are the same, people tend to say the same things when they need addiction treatment. Each of these are excuses that people make when they really need help but are unwilling to get it.

They are common phrases that doctors, nurses, and paramedics hear repeatedly. Family members may only hear them when the addict is questioned about their addiction.

Opiate addiction treatment

I Don’t Have a Problem

This one is extremely common and in many circles is a hallmark of denial. The idea is to convince people that they do not need help. They want their addiction to continue unchecked.

I Need the Opiate for my Pain

Pain is treatable with opiates but when that treatment goes beyond normal limits the opiate use is a problem. Many addicts often use pain as an excuse to obtain prescriptions for themselves or for sale. If one doctor doesn’t give it to them, they attempt to find another.

Just One More Prescription and I will Quit

This is also known as just one more pill and I will stop or just one more injection. This phrase is common to almost every drug out there. Most addicts use this phrase to themselves and others.

I Lost my Prescription or my Prescription was Stolen

Doctors hear this one a lot. The lost or stolen prescription excuse is an old one that used to work. It used to work before record keeping improved and the National Registry was developed. It is also on the list of things for doctors to look out for, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

My Pain is Worse, I Need More

This is a very common excuse particularly to doctors. When your pain is worse more medication is not answer. Opiate addiction treatment may be your only solution to ever increasing pain. If your pain is increasing, it might be time to try something else.

Reasons Why Opiate Addiction Treatment Programs Can Help You

Finding treatment for an opiate addiction can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are treatment centers that can help. One of these treatment centers is an opiate addiction treatment center. These treatment centers specialize in treating your opiate addiction. There are many reasons why this type of treatment center may be able to help you.

Opiate addiction treatment

They are Designed with Opiate Users in Mind

Opiate addiction centers have programs designed specifically for opiate addiction. They know that this type of addiction is one of the few that can be helped with medication rather than just psychotherapy. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, several drugs can help with withdrawal. These drugs are:

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone
  • Subutex
  • Buprenorphine

Each of these medications can help you through withdrawal and naltrexone can help you stop using opiates.

They Can Personalize Your Treatment

Personalized treatment is extremely important. If one treatment it not working it is essential that your treatment fit your addiction. Each person is different so not every treatment will work for every person.

They can Help you get Your Life Back

One of the things that opiates takes from you is your life. Your job, family, and friends will all disappear. When you go to an opiate addiction treatment you can get all of these things back. Many of the things that you lost can be regained.

You will Feel Better

The pain and sickness that opiates cause will go away with treatment. The constant withdrawal and need for the opiates stops when you stop using opiates.

You Won’t Feel Alone Anymore

During treatment, you will find you have the support that you need to get through the worst of treatment. There are people there who’ve been where you are now and can help. There are also group sessions and a variety of other activities to keep you busy and in treatment.